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Body Composition Scanner

Mediana i35

Look beyond the scale and find what your body is really made of with our Mediana i35 Body Composition analyzer. Using an advanced Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis technology system, the Mediana i35 uses a multi-frequency measurement method providing precise yet meticulous Body Water (Extracellular Water) and Body Composition Analysis.

Each scan comes with a full printed report of your body fat, bone mineral density, muscle mass, and hydration levels. Further, we discuss what the data means for you and how to make actionable results, including your nutrition and training program.

Lastly, the data can be stored for future scans and data trends, keeping you motivated to continue making progress towards your goals!


Printable Results Sheet


Each scan will come with a detailed printout of your results. From there, we can see the data and determine the best stradegies for actionable results.

The results will come with an overall Mediana Score and illustrations of what your score and trends represents when compared to normalized data.

Because each segment is connected to the analyzer, the results can illustrate any asymmetries between the left and right halves, as well as the upper and lower segments of the body.

Lastly, using some metrics found from your body composition, we can pinpoint what your nutrition should look like for better and efficient results towards your goals.

The Science of the Mediana i35

The Mediana i35 has been tested in clinical trials demonstrating accurate results when compared to other gold standard measurements, such as DEXA, CT, and isotope dilution, in a wide range of demographics.

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