General Strength Template

General Strength Template


This template comes with a series of video tutorials, a 7 week macrocycle programmed to your workouts from week to week, and a progress analysis for your weekly progress. The routine is preset for the macrocycle for a simple plug and follow, but can be easily changed and customize with various exercises, rep ranges, and intensities to individualize your optimal strength program.

This routine is most useful for those seeking optimal strength gains, preseason performance, or beginnning lifters that want to take their strength gains to the next level. The routine does not contain cardiovascular training and conditioning. Likewise, there may be individual considerations for added specific muscle growth or peak power exercises outside of the template. However, it is recommended not to add maximal strength based exercises outside of the template.

This routine is best for those that train at least 4x's/wk, but is still highly applicable to anyone that trains consistently 2-4x's/wk.

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