Beginning Lifter's Bundle

Beginning Lifter's Bundle


This template is designed for beginners looking to understand the science of training in an applicable way. Used correctly, this template will carry lifters for at least three months of progress and hit each phase of strength training.

This program comes with a template that will help design the right program for you and help track your progress along with a 30 page eBook explaining the concepts behind the training methods used in the program and video tutorials on how to best approach the template.

This program is strictly a strength-hypertrophy program for beginners, returning lifters, or those prepping for specialized programs. Therefore, this template does not contain cardiovascular conditioning and should not be viewed as a hyperspecific program.

It is recommended to train 2-4 days/wk using this template and retain a master copy of the template once downloaded. After use, the template is designed to be repeatable or to move into other programs appropriate for your goals.

  • File Specs

    Template is in Excel format

    eBooklet is in Pdf format

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