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Program Templates

At Houston Athletic Club, we offer training services that can meet the needs of anyone looking to become the strongest version of themselves. We use a straight forward approach to our training that is backed by science and is suitable for anyone. From athletes to first time gym-goers, we are here to make you better!

If you are interested in a template, contact us and we will send your PDF workout within 24 hours!

Personal Training
           Beginning Lifter

Reach your goals most effectively with a basic approach to compound lifts and learn how to approach conditioning relative to your goals! Here you must commit to at least 3x's/week

Partner Training

Maybe you want to train with others, and that's ok! We provide affordable options for those who want to become stronger and reach their goals with the camaraderie of their peers. Training isn't easy, and extra motivation can go a long way!

Strength Training


If you're an athlete looking to become bigger, stronger, and faster for next season, let us show you the program that suits you! We are certified in strength and conditioning and our passion is to make you become the strongest version of yourself.

Personal Training


After rehabbing an injury, the area needs to correlate into the entire musculoskeletal system properly to prevent re-injure to that area or from overcompensating into another injury. Let us help you become stronger from causing another injury!

Strength Training
           Senior Strength Training


The older generation needs to strength train to help prevent many issues that come with age, such as sarcopenia, osteoporosis, and arthritis. Let us show you the correct ways to perform quality workouts to stay strong and healthy!

Strength Training
           Grouped Strength Training


Suited for those who understand mechanics of most lifts but need a proper facility, professional programming, and an environment that only makes you stronger. You will be under supervision with other like minded individuals but still with a program specific to you!

           Online programming


From novice to serious lifters, we offer online programs templates and coaching for your goals. Just reach out today to get started!

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