5 Hard Facts to Face Your Goals

Whatever your goals are, here are 5 facts that you need to acknowledge in order to reach them.

1- Consistency goes a long way

Many times people jump into a program only to fall off by two weeks. The ability to stick through can make or break your goals. Look at it this way: you can't keep a job by calling in all the time; so don't expect to reach your goals by calling in when it's time to train!

2- Short term goals are more productive than long term goals

Here is a scenario of what I typically see: A person wants to lose 50 pounds in "X" months and has never weight trained or done cardio before. However, instead of embracing the program day by day, they keep thinking about how they are going to lose 50 pounds. What needs to be considered is how you are going to eat that day, how well you are going to sleep, and what needs to be done in the weight room. That way, you are in the now and that is taking care of your long term goals. As the saying goes, "live for today, for there is no control of tomorrow."

3- You need adequate calories to sustain your progress

People have a misconceived notion that 1200 calories a day is needed to lose body fat. That is like 1 meal and a snack for me (I'm 6' and only weigh 205!). Everyone requires different amounts of calories that needs to be tapered as you lose body fat, not plummeted down to an apple a day. So if you're stumped on this one, try using a calorie calculator and record the foods you eat daily. After you have established a routine of what you eat, slowly take certain foods away as you lose more and more body fat.

4- Cardio aids in weight loss; weight training aids in everything else

For body fat loss goals, you should definitely utilize cardio into your program. However, do not underestimate the power of weight training; it is shown to increase muscle mass, capillary density, Stroke Volume (Stronger Heart Beat), neuromuscular efficiency, bone density, insulin efficiency, HDL (The good cholesterol), and hormone regulation. For those looking to lose body fat the most, 1-hour weight training sessions 2x's a week should be the very minimum (and that's with a cardio program for 3-5x's a week).

5- Athletes give their best

Whatever your goal is, give it with the perception of an athlete and give it your very best. Some days will be much tougher than others, and that's ok! It's the consistency and drive that will earn your goals. You must embrace the journey in order to receive your destination of the promise land!

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