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Personal Training

"I love working at Houston Athletic Club because they are attentive and make sure I am using proper form as well as they push me to achieve my end results. As of today I am very proud of my progress, I am stronger, tighter and more energetic. I love how HAC keeps up with my weight, how they can tell when I am not taking proper nutritional care of myself (especially drinking water). To this very day after years of training with staff members of HAC, I see improvements each time I leave the gym, I see the body I imagined having coming together. My daughter is also training with HAC and she also sees a huge improvement in her body definition. I definitely recommend Houston Athletic Club to anyone looking to lose weight, gain muscle, get stronger and/or just to use proper form when on equipment. They are awesome!!"

-Nina P.


Strength Training

"David is awesome!! He is so knowledgeable about body toning, muscle building, healing injuries...and he is SUPER nice to work with. I'm not going to sugar coat is a tough work out but you leave feeling stronger, healthier, and physically and mentally ready to tackle your day. This summer, he has even designed a circuit training work out for me and my daughter and we LOVE it!! He is the total package in a trainer and anyone who decides to work with him is super blessed. We sure are!!"

-Lisa A.


Houston Personal Training

"Houston athletic club have the best trainers in Houston! They help you grow your strength and endurance while also teaching you how to live a Healthier lifestyle!!"

-Vernon R.


Houston Strength Training

"I realized how out of control my weight had gotten. At five foot, exactly I weighed 198 pounds, I knew something had to change. I was embarrassed, what were the machines for? How do I properly use them and how did I even get to this point?  I finally got the courage to talk with Marco.  Breaking through my negative outlook about myself has been the biggest battle. When training with Marc, there has never been a time I felt judged about my body instead I have felt encouraged and comfortable. His knowledge of how the body works, his dedication and passion for this lifestyle, has inspired me to not give up on myself. I have learned this is a life style change but as he shares, with consistency and time the hard work will pay off.  I am down 43 pounds which is very exciting, but I know I can do better if I stay consistent with a whole food nutritional diet. This is a wonderful, rewarding, hardworking journey I am so glad I have jumped on."

-Magen Davis


Houston Athletic Club
Houston Athletic Club

"Great personal trainers! I worked with them on general fitness and strength training for health reasons. They are great at finding out what you can do and pushing you to get better, but never so much that you get hurt."

-Drew S.


Houston Athletic Club

"The gym is spacious but not over bearing. David, our trainer, we can tell has a great amount of passion when it comes to his work. He pushes us to get stronger every time we train. He maintains a schedule of where we are, strength wise, and of the exercises he wants us to perform at that time. He motivates us to want to come back for more." 

-Alejandra R.


Houston Athletic Club

"I been working with David for over 2 years. At the beginning working out was hard and not enjoyable, but he motivate me to keep going. During that time he has help me improved a lot , I have more energy, I am stronger, and I enjoy working out now. Yes, i would recommend David. He is very passionate on what he does and knows what he is doing.." 

-Christina L.


Houston Athletic Club

"I've trained here for about a year now, and Mark/David have really made a great platform for personal training. Mark has been my trainer and he's really helped me structure my workout programs that best suits my goals. He's extremely knowledgeable about various exercises, the way muscles grow and develop, and how to perfect your form. He's patient, flexible, and I can't say enough about how this place has grown and become my own personal gym. If you're looking to workout for the first time or improve your lifts, look no further than HAC!"

-Alex Z.


Houston Athletic Club

"David and Marc down at HAC are seriously two of the most knowledgeable and passionate personal trainers in the Houston/Clear Lake area. They’ve got over two decades of experience between the two of them and know exactly how to help you reach your goals, whether it be weight loss, strength training, power lifting, or any other facet of fitness. You’re not going to find better quality or lower prices anywhere else.

-Brandon W.


Houston Athletic Club

"Excellent training program!" 

-Adam A.


Houston Athletic Club

"David is fantastic trainer!! I can't begin to say how knowledgeable he is about exercise and the physiology of the body. I can confidently say that he can help anyone achieve any goal."

-Christian T.


Houston Athletic Club

"I started working with David and Mark after working on rehabilitating a leg injury for 6 months in physical therapy, without much success. David helped me make some key adjustments in my lifting, which led to not only my full recovery from the injury I spent so long in PT trying to correct, but additionally massive strength gains. 13/10 would recommend."

-Tighe C.


Houston Athletic Club

"Good guys that actually know what they are doing! And at a good price!"

John W.

15502 Galveston Rd

Webster, Tx 77598 suite 202/203


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